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Why Do Experienced Preppers Invest in Gold and Silver?

In simple terms precious metals are the perfect physical items to protect yourself from fiat currency inflation. In other words, as paper money loses value, your precious metals will be worth more paper money in an economic crisis. Makes sense? Owning precious metals should be a big part in every survivalists planning. The best way to prepare for an economic crisis is to get gold and silver.


Why you should invest in Gold and Silver Now!

History has shown us that gold and silver do well when other asset classes go down. The recent climb in gold and silver value started in 2008 when we had the massive market crash and things are continuing to get worse. There are several reasons why precious metals go up when other markets are go down:

  1. To stimulate the economy, governments will inject cash into the economy with “Quantitative Easing” (using stimulus programs). Whenever cash is put into circulation, the price of precious metals and other commodities go up.
  2. When the stock market becomes volatile, investors turn to gold and silver to protect their portfolios as it’s safest option.

Currently as we speak, many prominent people/corporations/governments are investing heavily into gold and silver as they know something is coming around the bend. In order to protect themselves from the coming collapse, they’re pooling their money into precious metals such as gold and silver. If you also believe that things are going down hill, then gold and silver are your best bet to prevent your cash paper money from becoming worthless. - Buy Gold & Silver

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