Urban Scavenging Kit Checklist

The experts here at Urban Survival Network have come together to assemble this check list of items you’ll need for scavenging in a WROL situation. We want to make it very clear that we’re not talking about looting (stealing other people goods), scavenging unlike theft is to search through refuse for useful material. In a long term post SHTF environment, there will be countless abandoned/destroyed structures and vehicles in which useful materials could be extracted from. In order to access these materials and move them back to your retreat, the following items below will surely come in handy. 

Scavenging Kit Checklist
_ Crow Bar
_ Bump Keys
_ Lock Pick
_ Flashlight/Lantern
_ Coins (to unlock shopping carts)
_ Large Duffle Bags
_ Map (with ideal scavenging locations indicated)
_ Cart
_ Door/Window Entry Alarm with Magnetic Sensor (click here for example)
_ Pepper Spray
_ Multi-tool
_ Window Punch

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