Mini-Farming: Self-Sufficiency on ¼ acre – Book Review

The agricultural sector is very important in the world. All countries rely on it for basic day to day needs and it is a big player in the economy.  Homesteading is very beneficial as a lifestyle of self-sufficiency that can guarantee a person will be fully independent.

Mini-Farming Self-Sufficiency on a quater acre - Book Review


Farming is a concept that has been practiced for years and new strategies and methods of doing it are being adopted constantly. It can be done on large or small scale. In order to get the most output there are some basic strategies that have to be adopted.


Mini Farming gives a detailed account of strategies that can be adopted on a small patch of land such as a quarter of an acre. The methods are guaranteed to provide 85 percent of the food that a homestead requires and moreover, lead to the making of money. The figure is estimated to be around $10,000 annually.


Another good thing about the product is that everything that it promises can be achieved in less time than if a person was doing an ordinary job. The book has been written keeping in mind that not everyone is a farmer. It is easy to understand the concepts of homesteading hence making it appropriate for anyone who may want to venture into the field. It is also good for farmers because it has information about various important aspects that most of them are not aware of.


It contains sections that cover the buying and saving of seeds, practices that should be implemented in soil fertility, the best ways of dealing with pests and disease problems, farm planning and crop rotation among others. It also covers other areas such as how to raise backyard chickens and home canning. The need to keep costs minimal and maximize output has been exploited in a simplified and detailed approach, which makes it easy to comprehend. Furthermore, in order to emphasis the points there are materials, tools and techniques which are explained, demonstrated and clarified using tables, photographs and illustrations.


The book tackles homesteading in an elaborate manner. It is very informative and detailed. It is highly recommended for individuals who want to be self-sufficient and get the most out of their gardens. Its price is affordable and the content is guaranteed to make the investment worth it. Most people who have read it have been impressed, and the numerous numbers of positive reviews is a good indicator of its quality.


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