A Modern Famine? It’s Closer Than You Think

Wait… a famine? Yes. And the threat is much more real than you would have imagined. The idea of a worldwide famine in these modern times may at first seem far-fetched but the truth I’m about to share will change your mind of that forever. You don’t need to go farther than the pages of recent history for ABSOLUTE PROOF that a debilitating food shortage is not only likely, but may in fact be just around the corner.


Less than 200 years ago the devastation known as the Great Famine swept through Ireland when a calamity struck the nation’s potato crop. The food that was the basic staple of the Irish people turned into a black, stinking mess of rot as the potato blight spread, now known to be an airborne fungus… and left death in its wake. Over a million people died from starvation and disease while another two million were forced to emigrate from their homeland.



But WHY? WHY does the Great Famine matter to us RIGHT NOW? And WHAT does it have to do with the likelihood of a modern famine? The answer is surprisingly, shocking simple. When the potato blight hit Ireland in 1845 there was a reason why devastation was so complete. The majority of farmland was ONLY growing potatoes, but even more important to note, farmers were planting and harvesting ONLY one type of potato…


Let’s paint this clearly… A nation growing the same food… essentially genetically identical… with the same susceptibility… And disaster reared her head. And wiped out nearly 35% of Ireland’s population. A million deaths because the potatoes were almost completely from the same strain.


Let’s fast forward to today. Right now. Did you know that there are thousands of different plants and varieties available to feed the world’s hungry, but modern agriculture uses only a few? What do I mean by a few? According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, only 12 plant species provide 75% of our total food supply. Only 12! And of those plants, just 4 species provide 75% of the total calories consumed by man!


Grown to be the same disease resistant strains… essentially genetically identical… with the same susceptibility… Sound familiar?


With such a limited variety in such a limited number of crops, we are ABSOLUTELY looking at the same circumstances that led to the Great Potato Famine of Ireland. But this time, it won’t be one country.


With almost no food alternatives, all it takes is for just one disease, just one…. to wipe out the majority of the world’s food supply. And as diversity of crops narrows further, it is plain to see that the problem is spinning out of control…

…. But you can take it back.

And you can do it right now.


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