Stratetic Relocation a Case Study


By Scott Hedley


After watching Alex Jones’ interview of Joel Skousen, I decided to pick up a copy of Joel’s book, Strategic Relocation because when things get worse globally, I want my family to live in a safe location. Initially I thought it would be wise to find a place to live OUTSIDE of America, because of the many very bad problems in America (NDAA, TSA, the unconstitutionality of the Patriot Act, fighting perpetual foreign wars, the ruination of our country via deficit spending). But in the first 55 pages of his book, Joel shows various problems in living in other countries. He then shows that living in America (but living a safe distance from American cities that are likely to get bombed) is actually SAFER than living in other countries, especially in a world war scenario which looks more likely each year.

Alex Jones Strategic Relocation Review




If you are an American in a foreign country, you run the risk that the local government and the local people will try to take advantage of you by confiscating your property and your bank account. Kidnapping is already a big risk in Latin America and other countries.


There are powerful people out there who are trying to control the world and they have a lot of different tools which can impact and eventually destroy the global economy and they have ways of making sure that they don’t get blamed for it. One way of making sure they don’t get blamed for destroying the global economy is that they plan to create a third world war, a nuclear war, which will cause people to think that the war is what caused the global economic collapse. More information on strategic threats can be found at Joel’s website,


In one day, after the nuclear war, America will go from ‘day to night’ and if you haven’t prepared in advance, you will be in a lot of big trouble. There will be absolute panic. Don’t even think about getting on the freeways at this time.


Also don’t plan to go into the arms of the federal government because you aren’t free to leave on your own free will. The federal government (FEMA) didn’t let people out of the Metrodome during the Katrina catastrophe even when conditions became unbearable and unsafe. Looking at Katrina proves that the government cannot be trusted to honor your rights in a disaster.


In page 3 of his book, Joel says, “Facing up to the existence of systematic evil in the world is perhaps the single most important step you can take toward protecting yourself from being blindsided by foolish optimism and naivete. We must prepare now by moving out of the nuclear target areas which Joel has mapped out nicely in his book. But, the process of strategically relocating is not easy because very few people can leave their jobs and go out into rural areas where there is safety. Security financially is usually at odds with safe locations because the safest locations are where there are very few people and that is the opposite of what you need for having a decent job.


But once I agreed with Joel’s recommendation of staying in America, I thought, “Let me find a location in America that suits my needs.”


Initially I thought I would take my family to southern Florida because the southern tip of Florida is classified as a tropical climate with a year-round growing season. But the state of Florida got a zero star rating (out of a maximum of five stars) by Joel. Some of the problems with Florida were: (1) water is generally polluted above the national average, (2) air quality is not good, (3) corruption and crime are both very high, (4) alternative medicine is discouraged, (5) it is subject to tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes, (6) very high population density, (7) it is easy to get trapped in the FL peninsula since there are only two major highways leading out of the state.


My second choice was to consider living in northern area of New York near Ogdensburg since I have many friends there. This area is very remote, isolated and very cold. This area is better than Florida but even the rural lands of upstate New York could end up absorbing many of the refugees and looters fleeing New York City and Newark.


New York State received a score of 2.5 stars (out of a maximum of five stars) from Joel. Some of the problems with New York state include: (1) very high population density (7th highest in the nation), (2) high cost of living, (3) taxes in New York are the second highest in the entire country, (4) corruption and crime are high, (5) ranked New York state as the lowest state for freedom in their freedom study, (6) New York is the worst state in the country for gun freedom, (7) alternative medical practitioners are often harassed and/or sued, (8) heavy regulation of home schooling.


Then I thought, “What about upstate New Hampshire?” New Hampshire is ranked slightly higher than New York: 3 stars vs 2.5 stars and there are retreat areas in upstate New Hampshire. The positive aspects of New Hampshire include: (1) low taxes, (2) low corruption at the government level, (3) low violent crime (but high property crime), (4) good gun liberty, (5) naturopathy is legal, and there’s (6) low regulation on home schooling.


Joel rightly recommends avoiding areas with high population density because any cut-off of food, water and government services leaves people without any recourse except to pillage or flee. They will fan out looking for food to steal and many will become violent.


The eastern half of America is much more densely populated than the western half of America. So Joel’s highest ranked states are in the western half of America. In fact, the two states with the highest scores (Idaho and Utah)(both five stars out of five stars) are western states. Joel’s recommended region, the northwest region (p.134), is consistent with the recommendation of others such as the American Redoubt Network.


After realizing this, I decided I will try to find survival communities in one of these three states: Idaho, Utah, and Montana. Montana received a score of 4.5 of 5, almost perfect.


Finding an area of low population density isn’t difficult, but it must be balanced against the time and cost of traveling to your work location. Joel emphasizes that you must be careful selecting the specific home location site. Make sure it is not visible from any major or secondary roads. This is preferable to the general criteria of staying ‘5 miles away from any major highway.’ You can find safe places closer if you live in a forested area. Privacy from view is important in avoiding future refugee flows.


If you don’t have the resources to purchase or live in very remote rural areas, you can combine forces with relatives and friends and then purchase something jointly and put in equipment like solar, wells, etc. Supplies are relatively available now.


It is also wise to stay away from large inter-culturally mixed communities which can be stirred up against each other. Get out of areas with high population density. That is where all the crime is. That is where all the regulation is. That is where the racial tension is.


America has the largest number of people who are awake and preparing for the upcoming disaster. That is Joel’s major argument against trying to ride it out in a socialist country where no one is prepared and where private property rights are not fully protected. Stay here and occupy the land and hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


Joel recommends having a concealed basement ‘safe room.’ This has a lot of advantages including: (1) a safe place for people to hide in the event of riots, (2) place to hide and store guns and/or food. Concealment gives you the option to evade confrontation when the threat is too big or too dangerous to handle.


People can build (within a basement structure) a basic safe room for less than $10,000.


Get together with other like-minded people that understand we are moving toward a globalist takeover with real ramifications. The globalists want us in compact cities—they want us totally dependent on government.


Get into states that allow alternative medicine because the health care system might collapse. Get into states that grant concealed carry permits and that recognize concealed carry permits issued in other states.


Someday in the near future, freedom loving people are going to need to stay out of the public schools and out of the public health care system.


Joel recommends that young people consider getting a pilot’s license for evacuation. You can get a pilot’s license for less than $5000.


Alex Jones asked, “Joel what is the time frame for when the USA will be attacked? How fast until the globalists re-emerge and try to create this new world order to counter Russia?” Joel answered, “The timing is dependent on Russia and China being ready and feeling confident enough to attack.


Joel believes that it will be sometime on or after the beginning of the next decade because Russia and China won’t be ready until then. In other words we still have time to prepare. People need to prepare because Joel cannot guarantee that the attack will not be before 2020. China needs a blue water navy to control all of Asia. They are intending to wipe out the American navy with nuclear weapons. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for the coming global war is to get outside of potential blast zones.


The book also has lots of suggestions for those who can’t relocate. In the section on individual states, he gives suggested locations in every major metro where you can locate to avoid the future refugee flows, and give yourself the best chance to beat the crowds leaving town.