The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the City – Book Review

There are many books available that claim to cover the topic of self-sufficiency, but many fail to cover this topic adequately. However, The Urban homestead is a book that is informative and relevant on the topic of homesteading. Unlike most other homesteading books this doesn’t try to inform the reader of ways to recreate a homestead that isn’t modern. For example, many other homesteading guides often try to teach readers how to recreate nineteenth century homesteads that are not possible in today’s times.

The Urban Homestead

Many other homesteading books also focus on concepts that can be used in the future when you have land surpluses at your disposal, but few homesteading books teach you techniques that can be implemented immediately and effectively. However, The Urban Homestead written by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutson is a great guide for individuals looking for useful homesteading techniques.


This homesteading book concentrates on describing techniques that can be implemented immediately in your own home area to make you more self-sufficient and sustainable. This book takes a unique approach to homesteading and makes it applicable for all individuals. Instead of just overwhelming readers with how to tips that can become lost in translation, this guide presents ideas that can be used to make you more sustainable.


These ideas are not concentrated on one theme or way to accomplish self-sufficiency, but instead the ideas presented are broad and cover a wide range of topics. This makes the likelihood of discovering a self-sufficient idea that works for you more probable. This boos doesn’t cone entrants on just one house heating alternative or just one alternative way to produce food. Instead a wide variety of ideas are presented in an organized manner to inspire creativity and allow readers to discover a self-sufficient idea that works for them.


The concepts that are addressed in this homesteading book even refer to the fear that is often associated with homesteading. Many people prefer to not become more independent of economic norms for fear of social collapse or disaster. In this book this issue is made more lighthearted with the reference to “when the zombies come.” This phrase is used to describe the fear that is associated with homesteading and individuals that choose to get off the grid. Therefore, this book uses humor as a tool to present homesteading concepts that can be utilized immediately.orange_amazon_buynow-300x12511

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