Urban Survival First Aid Kit Checklist

Everyone needs a first aid kit, and everyone needs to know basic first aid. If you’re a true urban survivalist but you don’t know the first thing about how to deal with a broken bone or injury… there’s something wrong.  Here’s a basic checklist to get you started, which we believe will be sufficient for when SHTF. If you feel there’s anything missing, feel free to comment.

How to Make a Survival Fist Aid Kit
_ Elastic Roller Bandages
_ Surgical Scrub Brush
_ Aloe Vera Gel
_ Medical Tape
_ Gauze Roller Bandages
_ Anti-inflammatory Drugs
_ Antibacterial Ointment
_ Scissors
_ Non-adhesive Dressing
_ Tweezers
_ Assortment of Bandages
_ Disinfectant Towelettes
_ Arm Sling
_ Splints
_ Sterile Compress
_ Pain Killers
_ Anti-Diarrhea Pills
_ Allergy Meds


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